About Sandra J

Sandra has had a love for acting since the age of 8, when she played the Lone Rangers sidekick Tonto in her school play. She was never happier than when performing in school and community plays throughout high school but succumbed to pressure to do the “responsible” thing (booo!) and after school, headed to the University of NSW completing a Bachelor degree in Computer Science.

She worked successfully in the IT industry for the national broadcaster for several years but always harbored her love for acting and teaching. On moving to the USA she transitioned into work as a CSM for a software company, producing promotional and marketing material including voiceover for product overviews as well as walk-through tutorial and training videos. She finally took the plunge into voiceover, signing up for professional training and demo recording and is now doing what she always wanted.

What can she offer you?

  • A degree in Computer Science and experience in the IT and business world will lend credibility to your corporate videos, training and e-learning voiceovers.
  • Experience with customer support, marketing and client liaison means she knows what customers want and how to speak their language.
  • Acting talent will add life and character to your animation, gaming script or your children audiobook. Her kids, will give you a totally un-biased opinion 🙂
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