My name is Dana Wall-Oakley, and I am a Voice Over Artist and Writer.

I have lived in Las Vegas almost my entire life.  Growing up I was plagued throughout the years by extreme shyness and stage fright; even after performing in the choir and in a stage production of Bye Bye Birdie my senior year in high school.  This stage fright and shyness continued until 2004, when I attended a self-awareness personal growth seminar, PSI Seminars.  In that year, I attended all that PSI Seminars had to offer, from the beginning Basic weekend, through two advanced levels and the 90-day personal coaching program.  These courses were the catalyst that gave me the courage and willingness to join a club of Toastmasters International.  With the support of, and techniques learned in, my home club, Windjammers Toastmasters, I discovered within myself, Self-Confidence, and Self-Esteem.  As a Toastmaster, I learned to conquer and use that stage fright to perform and present anyway.  In Toastmasters, I found my VOICE.  For the last 15+ years, I have used my newfound vocal and stage talent many times to give speeches and presentations in front of large and small audiences, including several radio and internet show interviews.

In 2014, after attending a voice-over class, I discovered a new passion.  Voice Over Acting.  I am now exercising my courage and my voice in this new passion.  I thoroughly enjoy being able to let my vocal and writing talents reign free.  I have exciting goals for my future, including eventually producing my own projects.  Until then, it’s exciting to lend my talents to others who would benefit from them.

I have great ability.  I can be a narrator in traditional mediums, such as reading novels or short stories.  In non-literary narratives including video games, films, webinars, or television shows I can project my voice in versatile ways to express the message to the audience in a fun and upbeat way or in a meaningful way.  I also absolutely love being able to display my versatility with various character voices, international accents, or regional dialects.  You can expect professional, loyal, responsible, efficient, and quick results.



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