About Me

My name is Kasee.

(Pronounced: Kay-see)
Nice to meet you! Here’s a little info about myself:

Graduated with a BA in Theatre, I am taking on the voice over world. I am a lady of many talents but the talent I enjoy the most is acting. I hope to be able to change peoples lives and provide happiness through my speech. I hope that I can influence others to do what they dream of doing such as I have.

I was the shy girl from the small town Hazard, KY, growing up on a small farm and learning to be resourceful and humble. My family is everything but small towns don’t make good business for theatre or voice overs. Therefore, I attended Morehead State University and began my training in acting, tech and theatrical design. Now that I have graduated my goal is to work full or part time in voice overs and the occasional jobs in local theatres.

Now that you know a little about me, what about you? What brought you here? I’d love to find out.

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