Narration Voice-Over

“The Basque Country, or País Vasco, as the Spanish say it, could very well rival Ireland with its greenery, mountains and rugged coastline. Situated in northern Spain and sharing a border with France, the Basque Country has its own unique culture within the mountains and along the shores.”

Does this sound like a documentary that you would want to voice? Read on to find out more about narration voice-over!

What is a narration voice-over? 

narration voice-over

Remember when you took a long road trip and you picked up some books on tape to quell the boredom? That’s an old-school version of narration voice-over. Voice-over narration accounts for over 90% of the voice-over industry! Voice-over narration is storytelling at its finest. Nowadays narration voice actors do work on media platforms like audiobooks, podcasts, documentaries, television, radio, eLearning, explainer videos, phone messaging, the list goes on. As a result of these more modern platforms, the demand for voice narration has skyrocketed. A great benefit from doing narration voice-overs is that you can often work from home, with flexibility in creating your own recording and production schedule. Is narration voice-over your niche? Read more to see if narration voice acting is right for you.

How to get started in narration voice-over  

The best way to get started in voice narration is to train your voice with experts. If you’re new to the narration industry, it can feel overwhelming with where to get started. You might be asking yourself, “Will someone want to listen to my voice narrating a documentary?” Or, “How do I create different characters with distinct voices for an audiobook?” Check out our webinar, You’re on the Air, How to Really Make it in Voice-Overs, to see if voice acting is for you! But remember, even after you’ve finished training with Such A Voice, your learning never ends. You improve in this business by constantly practicing, studying your craft, enrolling in classes and workshops, and always striving to be better. Such A Voice is here for you every step of the way to help you succeed in the world of voice-over narrations.

How to find professional work in narration voice-over

You can flourish in the narrative voice-over world by learning how to market yourself as a professional voice narrator. This includes creating a personal brand, promoting your talent, and finding your target niche. Such A Voice will help you with this process. When you market yourself to a company or individual, it’s good to be specific about the type of narration voice-over work you would like to do such as audiobooks or documentaries. This makes it easier for you to find work. You will find work through agents, direct marketing to businesses, repeat clients, being listed on a roster of talent with ad agencies and production companies, and through online membership casting sites. It’s becoming rare these days to actually audition in person, most likely you’ll audition from your home studio and email the prospective client an  MP3.

What to do after you’ve gone through narration voice-over training

Now it’s time to find work! Through Such A Voice’s voice-over classes, you will learn how to navigate the industry, market yourself, and set up your home studio with the proper recording equipment and software. You will also learn how to use your voice to narrate an interesting documentary or create believable characters in an audiobook. To hone in on your voice talent, you’ll have to find what type of narration voice-over you want to do. Even if you’ve got recording and production down and you feel like a pro, remember there’s always room for growth and improvement so never stop taking workshops and classes, networking, and trying to better your craft.

Such A Voice provides lifetime support, so we are here with you every step of the way. Join us on our webinar, You’re on the Air, How to Really Make it in Voice-Overs, to learn more about how to get started in the voice-over industry.   Contact us today!

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